Services and Customer Support

Ferranti Tapchangers provides a worldwide comprehensive range of services to support the full range of Ferranti Tapchanger models

DS and ES Range

DS2, DS5, DS300, DS400, DS500, ES3, ES3-19

DC Range


EFGH Range

EC4, EC6, FC4, FC6, GC6, GC12, HR6, HR12, HD12, HD14

ST Range

FL Range

FL6, FL12

Rotary Range


Our service engineers, some with over 30 years of experience of building and servicing Ferranti Tapchangers, can provide on-site or in-house technical support, routine maintenance, regular service, breakdown or repair (most which can be undertaken on site), refurbishment, rebuild and new assembly.

Reverse Power

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Maintenance Kits

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Routine Maintenance

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