Reverse Power

The grid as we know it today was designed and built in the 50s and 60s when power flow was uni-directional, i.e. from the large-scale power stations at the 'top' of the network down to consumers at the 'bottom'.

Power on the transmission and distribution network was assumed to flow from higher to lower voltage levels and electrical plant was designed with this in mind. With the proliferation of renewable energy sources connecting to the grid, this assumption is no longer valid.

These days it is quite commonplace to experience bidirectional powers which can create issues with some electrical plant and related control systems. In particular there are known types of tapchanger which may have some limitations with reverse power flows (i.e. power flowing from the LV side of the transformer to the HV). Ferranti can offer reverse power capability assessments in order to support generation connections and general asset management policy.

As part of the Fundamentals Group and the corresponding Total Tapchanger Solutions offering, Ferranti also have access to expertise for other legacy tapchanger brands (Fuller, AEI etc.) and are happy to support customers for all their tapchanger-related needs. Please get in touch for further information and assistance.